Alex Henteloff
Alex Henteloff
Alex Henteloff guest starred on "M*A*S*H" as Capt. Adam Casey, a seemingly talented surgeon who helps out in O.R. who reveals to Father Mulcahy that he's not really a doctor in "Dear Dad...Again" in Season 1 (ep.#18).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Born: (1942-05-23) May 23, 1942 (age 77)
Birthplace Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
Character information
Appeared on/in: M*A*S*H (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Dear Dad...Again" (Season 1)
Character(s) played: Captain Adam Casey

Alex Henteloff (May 23, 1942 in Los Angeles, California) guest starred as Captain Adam Casey, a doctor who turns out to be a big help in O.R. when it's swamped with wounded, and is welcomed by the 4077th surgeons, until he reveals to Father Mulcahy that he isn't really a trained surgeon in "Dear Dad...Again" in Season 1 (episode #18).


One notable film waas as Dr. Nichols in the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Other films in which he has appeared include the Jerry Lewis comedy Hardly Working (1980), and 52 Pick-Up (1986).

Alex is perhaps most famous for his recurring role as "Arnold Ripner" on the television series Barney Miller. He also appeared in the NBC TV-movie Code Name , Diamond Head (starring France Nuyen and Ward Costello), and co-starred with Ashley Judd, Jeffrey Combs, and Steven Culp in the 1996 TV movie Norma Jean & Marilyn.

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