Bobbie Mitchell
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Bobbie Mitchell as Lieutenant Gage with a blinded by a sparking stove Hawkeye in the Nurses' Tent in the Season 5 M*A*S*H episode "Out Of Sight, Out of Mind".

Occupation/Years active

Actress, 1973-1979

Series appeared on:



Various nurses


18 episodes in Seasons 1-5

Bobbie Mitchell is an actress, known for her appearances as various nurse roles on M*A*S*H TV series. Bobbie has also made appearnances in such TV and film projects as The Six Million Dollar Man, and the films Wine, Women and War (1973) and The Sunshine Boys (1977). Over the course of the first five seasons of M*A*S*H, Bobbie Mitchell is credited in 16 different episodes as nine different nurses, including four episodes as Nurse Baker, three as Nurse Able, and two each as Nurse Lyons and Nurse Marshall, plus five other names. That may very well be a M*A*S*H record. She also appeared uncredited in at least two episodes.

A few of her appearances: in The Army-Navy Game, as Nurse Mason, she joined Hawkeye and Trapper in Henry's office to celebrate the start of the Army-Navy game. In “Divided We Stand” she played strip poker with Hawkeye and Trapper; they lost. In “The Trial of Henry Blake”, as Nurse Marshall, she was making time with Hawkeye when Klinger made his escape bid using a home-made hang glider. Hawkeye saw Klinger soaring overhead, looking like “a big red bird with fuzzy pink feet,” but she didn't see anything. Hawkeye painted her toenails in “George” while Radar watched.

Mitchell appeared uncredited in “Dear Peggy” and was called Gage by Hawkeye. In “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, her final appearance, Bobbie Mitchell played Lt. Gage, who was in the nurses quarters when a blind Hawkeye was brought in. Despite assurances from her fellow nurses, she refused to change in front of Hawkeye, who continued to make lewd comments and noises.

Appearances on M*A*S*HEdit

Season Episode Role (as credited)  Notes
1 The Army-Navy Game Nurse Mason
2 Divided We Stand Nurse Marshall
2 The Trial of Henry Blake Nurse Marshall
2 Dear Dad... Three Nurse Gilbert
2 Operation Noselift Nurse Lyons
2 The Chosen People Nurse Lyons
2 As You Were Nurse Murphy
2 George Nurse Mitchell
3 Rainbow Bridge uncredited 
3 Iron Guts Kelly Nurse Able
3 O.R. Nurse Able
3 Alcoholics Unanimous Nurse Baker
3 There Is Nothing Like a Nurse Nurse Able
3 Mad Dogs and Servicemen Nurse Baker
3 House Arrest Nurse Baker
3 Payday Nurse Baker
4 Dear Peggy uncredited Hawkeye calls her Gage
5 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Lieutenant Gage
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