Monster M*A*S*H

Captain Roy DuPree was a surgeon from the 8063rd MASH unit temporarily assigned to the 4077th in the Season 6 M*A*S*H TV series episode titled Temporary Duty. The part of Roy was played by veteran character actor/comedian George Lindsey, best known to TV viewers for his roles as Goober Pyle on tow other popular CBS-TV series, The Andy Griffith Show, and the then-later syndicated long-running country variety/music series Hee Haw.

About DuPree[]

When Dupree arrives with Captain Lorraine Anderson, an old nurse friend of Margaret's, in a temporary doctor/nurse swap between the 4077th and the 8063rd, he loves everything - he even enjoys the food! When he suggests some of his ideas for decorating the Swamp (shrunken heads!) to B.J. and Charles, they, to say the least, are not impressed!

When he angles towards Col. Potter about being transferred to the 4077th permanently, Potter, who likes Dupree's down-home charm, promises to see what he can do about making it happen for him. When the BJ and Charles learn of DuPree's intentions they, both cringe at the prospect of living in a "prairie purgatory" bunking with the boorish former Arkansas Razorback grad, who glady does the team cheer for them, yelling "Suuuweee!!"

The two devise a plan to prevent his permanent transfer by influencing DuPree, who admitted to Charles and BJ that he had been riding horseback since he was small, to test out riding Sophie, the camp mascot, without Colonel Potter's knowledge.

In the middle of the night, Col. Potter is furious to find the drunken Dupree riding Sophe. When he orders him off, Dupree drunkenly and clumsily obliges, by promptly falling off the camp horse! Potter says he never wants to see Dupree again, it dashes his chance at a transfer, all this after impressing Potter with his surgical skills during a long stretch of surgery where the 4077th was swamped with wounded.