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Colonel Carmichael
Col. Carmichael in the "The Novocaine Mutiny" (Season 4). The Adjutant-General Corps insignia on his lapel is clearly seen. His sleeve insignia is that of the Eighth United States Army.
M*A*S*H character
Vital information
Rank: Colonel (O-6), U.S. Army
Job/Role in Unit: Officer from the Adjutant-General Corps who presides at Hawkeye's preliminary hearing on charges of mutiny.
Home: Not mentioned
Hair Color: Blonde, graying
Eye Color: Blue
Height: unable to estimate
Weight: unable to estimate
Family/Personal Information
Birthplace: Not mentioned
Nationality/Race: American/Caucasian
Spouse(s): Not mentioned
Relatives/Children: Not Mentioned
First appeared in: "The Novocaine Mutiny" (Season 4)
Last appeared in: N/A - One-time appearance
Appeared on/or in: M*A*S*H
Played by: Ned Wilson

Colonel Carmichael is a senior U.S. Army officer from the Adjutant-General Corps who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 4 episode of M*A*S*H titled "The Novocaine Mutiny". The part of Colonel Carmichael was played by Ned Wilson.

About Colonel Carmichael[]

In "The Novocaine Mutiny", Frank has brought Hawkeye up on charges of mutiny, alleging that during the time when Potter was away and Frank was in temporary command of the 4077th in October 1952, Hawkeye had hit him and took over command illegally.

In accordance with Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Colonel Carmichael conducts a preliminary hearing to determine if a court-martial is merited by the facts of the case.

He hears background testimony from Potter and Radar, and then Frank and Hawkeye who give conflicting accounts of what actually happened. After hearing the evidence, Carmichael concludes that no case of mutiny exists and will advise the charges be dropped. He says that he considers Hawkeye a top-flight surgeon whereas Frank, if he had not been drafted as a surgeon, would probably have been assigned as a pastry chef!