Monster M*A*S*H

Corporal Phil Walker is an enlisted man of the U.S. Army who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode "L.I.P.". The part of Corporal Walker is played by Jerry Zaks.

About Corporal Walker[]

Walker is probably a corpsman attached to the 4077th MASH. Although he wears no Medical Corps insignia on his fatigues, the fact that Henry Blake and the 4077th MASH is responsible for processing the paperwork for his marriage to Kim shows that he must be a member of the unit. Hawkeye also tells Lieutenant Regina Hoffman that Walker is "over in X-ray", suggesting that he is an X-ray technician.

Early in the episode, Walker seeks out Hawkeye to examine his baby, who is constantly crying. While Hawkeye is doing this, Walker also explains that he needs Hawkeye's help with expediting some paperwork. He is being shipped home in about two weeks and would like to take the baby and his Korean wife "Kim" with him but to do that, they need to be officially married. Hawkeye tells Walker that approvals for these things take a long time: "It takes a couple of weeks just to find the guy who tells you it takes a year." Nonetheless, Hawkeye promises to try.

With a lot of effort by Radar, the MASH manages to arrange for a C.I.D. officer Lieutenant Willis to investigate the case, but after interviewing Hawkeye and a few others, Willis concludes that there is no case for leapfrogging procedure. So Hawkeye and Trapper proceed to get Willis drunk and photograph him in compromising positions in order to "persuade" him to exercise a bit of leniency - which he finally does.

As episode ends, Father Mulcahy is shown conducting the wedding ceremony for Walker and Kim, with Hawkeye as the Best Man and the rest of the MASH personnel as guests.

Walker and Kim at the wedding. His rank insignia can be seen on his sleeve but there is no insignia on his lapel.