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Crabapple Cove, Maine is the fictional hometown of M*A*S*H surgeon Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce and is referenced frequently in the series.

No actual Crabapple Cove exists but it is believed to be based on the town of Bremen in Maine. Bremen stands on Muscongus Bay and has many geographic features in common with the Crabapple Cove as described by Hawkeye in various episodes. H. Richard Hornberger who, under the pen name Richard Hooker wrote the original M*A*S*H novels , made many  direct and indirect references to the scenery of this section of Maine in the text. Hornberger lived with his wife in a house at 76 Heath Road in Bremen. The road runs along the southern shore of Broad Cove. Just to the south, the next road is actually Crabapple Drive. His house had sweeping views of Broad Cove which must have supplied much of the inspiration for his work. Hornberger died in 1997 and his wife in 2009. Soon after, the family decided to sell the house and it was auctioned off on August 28, 2010.[1][2]

References to Crabapple Cove[]

Season Episode Reference  Notes
4 The Late Captain Pierce Hawkeye had a summer cottage there.

"It's heaven when the buttercups are in bloom. And the goldenrod and the tamaracks are standing tall. You could almost swear you'd died and gone to heaven."

First mention of Crabapple Cove. Here it is just his summer cottage. Later it becomes his hometown.
4 Mail Call...Again

Hawkeye reads hometown news from the Crabapple Cove Courier.

Among the news is the sardine cannery burning down. The last structure in town designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Eddie's Bar and Grill is on Route 6. 

5 Hawk's Nightmare Hawkeye describes his home to a patient.

It is like a place where Winnie-the-Pooh hangs out and a great place to be a kid.

There was a stream with fish in it that ran right behind the house and there were more trees than could be climbed in a lifetime.

In the fall, when the leaves began to turn it was as if God had invented new colors just for the occasion.

But the people never changed color: always off-white.

Also, Season 10, Episode 5, B.J. mentions Hawkeye's home town.


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