Monster M*A*S*H

Dr. Breuer was a missionary doctor who made a single appearance in the Season 9 episode of M*A*S*H titled "Letters". The part of Dr. Breuer was played by actor Michael Currie.

About Breuer[]

Hawkeye had been struggling for the right answer to give to a boy who had written a letter accusing the doctors of making patients better only to have them sent back to battle to get killed as had happened to his own brother. Hawkeye is upset because he doesn't know what to say but Father Mulcahy declines to help him, saying that obviously the letter had stirred up deep feelings within himself. It wasn't so much what what Hawkeye told the boy but what he told himself.

Just at this time, Margaret brings Dr. Breuer into the Swamp and introduces him to the doctors. Breuer is an M.D. who ran the local missionary school. One of his students had slipped on a rock and injured her head and needed surgery. Hawkeye, B.J. and Margaret bring the girl into the O.R. and prepare to operate. As the procedure is about to begin, Breuer makes a short prayer, giving thanks for the provision of the skilled surgeons. He says, "To have them here in this place at this time is truly a sign of your providence," and asks God to bless their work. This brief prayer touches people in the O.R., most particularly Hawkeye. It gives him a hint as to how to answer the boy's letter and the answer to his own doubts about what he is doing in Korea: that it was a matter of being at the right time and place and looking for good wherever one could find it.