Private Igor Straminsky was generally portrayed by actor Jeff Maxwell, although Peter Riegert assumed the role temporarily in two sixth-season episodes. He debuted in the second season and appeared on and off up until the series finale. He has appeared in more episodes than any recurring character except for Nurse Kellye, often as a background player, but almost as frequently with a line or two, and -- in later seasons -- occasionally as a featured player in a subplot.

Igor's role was often to serve food out in the mess and therefore also to serve as the foil for a lot of the complaints about the state of the food.

In "Promotion Commotion", Igor relentlessly tries to impress Hawkeye and B.J., so he can be promoted to Corporal. He once mentioned to Father Mulcahy that he sets aside three dollars from each salary payment for the local orphanage.

In "The Price of Tomato Juice", Igor identifies himself as "Maxwell," (a goof on the part of actor Jeff Maxwell) and Major Frank Burns also refers to him as "Maxwell" in the following line of dialogue

Generally he played the comic relief as an oblivious, none-too-bright private who is even more stupid than Frank Burns - in one episode he is cursed by the entire camp when he creams local grown corn instead of serving it on the cob ("A War for All Seasons"). Later on in "No Sweat" he turns a big fan on while Major Winchester is trying to sort out his family's income tax papers, and scatters them all around! However, while Igor can be exasperating, he doesn't have Frank's self-righteousness or propensity for being a tattle-tale, and is well-liked enough that he can frequently be seen participating in camp poker games and other group activities.

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