James Sheldon

Personal Information
Gender: Male
TV director/producer
Years active: 1953-1991
Series connection
Appeared on/Involved with: M*A*S*H
Episode appearances/
Involved with:
"Edwina" in Season 1
"B.J. Papa San" in Season 8
Jobs/Role(s): Director

James Sheldon directed 2 episodes of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H, the Season 1 episode titled "Edwina" and the Season 8 episode "B.J. Papa San". A venerable TV/film director and producer, James is best known for his directorial work in the film The Millionaire (1955), The Bing Crosby Show (1964) and the made-for-TV film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1982). He has directed episodes for many TV series, beginning with The Robert Montgomery Presents in 1953-54, Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre in 1955, Schlitz Playhouse in 1955, and Zane Grey Theater in 1959.

He would go on to direct episodes for such popular series as The Donna Reed Show, Perry Mason, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. The Twilight Zone, The Defenders, Route 66, The Patty Duke Show, Batman, That Girl, and Gunsmoke in the 1960s and then such popular 1970s series as Room 222, Love, American Style, Sanford and Son and Alice, and The Dukes of Hazzard, and The Equalizer in the 1980s. He has not directed in Hollywood since 1991, when he directed an episode for the ABC-TV crime/comedy series Sledge Hammer!.

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