Lieutenant Debbie Clark was a nurse who made a brief one time appearance in the Season 7 episode of M*A*S*H titled "Ain't Love Grand". The part of Lt. Clark was played by Kit McDonough.

About Nurse Debbie Clark[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Debbie Clark is one of the nurses at the 8063rd MASH. One night at Rosie's Bar, she meets Klinger and is instantly attracted to him, partly because he is wearing a woman's dress. She says to him: "You know, this may be kind of sudden, you being in women's clothes and all but I think I'm in love." Klinger is also attracted to her and comes back to the camp telling Hawkeye and B.J. excitedly, "She thinks I'm outrageous. She thinks I'm unique ... Who'd ever think a kid from the streets of Toledo would wind up meeting a girl named Debbie? Could be love, gents."

Love causes instant changes in Klinger. He serves meals in the mess tent dressed in a Class A uniform. Potter, Hawkeye and B.J. can't believe it but Klinger explains that he has a date with Debbie later and "we promised each other to dress in something kinky." The doctors find it hilarious.

Klinger soon meets up with Debbie in the supply tent. They have a good time. Klinger says one thought keeps racing through his mind" Toledo. He tells Debbie he has a lot of plans. After the war, he wants to get a good job, buy over the house he was born in and live there: "Just Debbie and me and baby makes three." But Debbie says she is not interested in a long term relationship. Klinger is surprised: "I thought we had something here." Debbie says that they do. They have now, and "that's an awful lot in a place like this."

Klinger is disappointed: "We were having such a good time, I didn't know it was just a good time." Debbie insists they can still enjoy each other for the present but Klinger says he is not "that kind of guy."

As can be seen from "Comrades in Arms", the 8063rd MASH is actually some distance from the 4077th so Debbie's presence in Rosie's Bar is unusual. She could however have been a nurse posted to the 4077th on a temporary personnel exchange just like what happened in "Temporary Duty".

Lieutenant Debbie Clark is not to be confused with Lieutenant Clark, a different nurse played by Lynne Marie Stewart who is one of the 4077th nurses attending Margaret's bridal shower in the Season 5 finale "Margaret's Marriage".

Lieutenant Debbie Clark, this time with her hair down. She is in the supply tent with Klinger in this shot.

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