Lieutenant Ginger Bayliss was an African-American Army nurse who was a recurring character on the television series M*A*S*H, on which she appeared for 20 episodes from 1972 to 1974; and then 2 episodes in 1977. She was played by actress Odessa Cleveland.

Memorable scene in Season Two (1973) Edit

In one memorable episode, called Dear Dad...Three, Ginger was faced with the unpleasant task of dealing with a racist patient (Sergeant Condon) for whom she supplied a pint of blood. Trapper John and Hawkeye , partly as a gag, and to teach Condon a lesson on race, paint the soldier's face with tincture of iodine to make him think that the blood he was given made him change colors. Ginger, while checking on him, sees his face painted to look darker and says "They got you down as white. Good work, baby!" Sgt. Condon says, "What the hell are you talking about?" "Don't worry," she says, "I won't give you away." Condon shouts, "Get outta here!" Ginger answers back, "I'm a Lieutenant, soldier! I don't care if you are passing (as white), watch your mouth!" Later in the episode, Sgt. Condon approaches Lt. Bayliss as he's leaving and salutes her as a superior officer. She returns the salute and wishes him "Good luck."

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