Lt. Leslie Scorch is a nurse who appears in eight episodes during the Seasons 1 and 2 of the CBS-TV series M*A*S*H. The part of Nurse Leslie is played by actress Linda Meiklejohn.

About Nurse Scorch[edit | edit source]

Leslie was Henry Blake's main squeeze during the first season (and one episode of the second). Forgetting for a moment the moral repercussions of the married Henry fooling around with another woman, it seems likely that army regulations frowned upon an officer of Henry's stature fraternizing with a subordinate like Leslie (on the other hand, army regulations never stopped anyone at the 4077th from doing anything).

She was seen in the original opening sequence in the Pilot enjoying champagne with Henry and was later seen departing for Seoul in a chopper with him (Henry came back at the end of the episode; Leslie was not in the chopper with him, so how did she get back?).

The script for the pilot episode actually lists her rank as Captain and describes her as 33 years old and has assisted Henry for so long that they have a smooth husband/wife relationship. Her rank and age according to the script would have made her the second oldest and second most senior nurse in the unit. This description was, however, not actualized in production. Linda Meiklejohn would have been around 29 at the time of the pilot, and although her rank insignia cannot be seen during the pilot, it would be first lieutenant in subsequent episodes.

Leslie Scorch was at the party for Hawkeye in Chief Surgeon Who? and was introduced to Young Hi in The Moose during breakfast in the mess tent. It is here that Hawkeye introduces her as "Lieutenant Scorch.

In Henry, Please Come Home, she joined with Hawkeye, Trapper and Radar to trick Henry into returning to the 4077th under false pretenses. During Henry’s search of the camp in I Hate a Mystery, Radar nearly ran off with a pile of Leslie’s delicates. Later. she is among the people summoned by Hawkeye to the mess tent for his "Agatha Christie" style gathering of the suspects for him to reveal the true culprit behind the thefts in the camp. The P.A. announcement gives her full name and rank as Lieutenant Leslie Scorch.

When the nursing staff went on “strike” in Edwina until one of the men went on a date with Nurse Edwina Ferguson, even Lt. Colonel Blake couldn't get any affection from Leslie, his favorite nurse.

After seven appearances in Season One, she returned for the first episode of the second season but quickly disappeared, never to be seen again.

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