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Monster M*A*S*H

Nurse characters named Lieutenant Mitchell appeared in four episodes in Season 2 of the M*A*S*H TV series played by three different actresses. The first, in "Kim" was played by Lesley Evans in the third and last of her three different nurse characters. The second and third appearances of Nurse Mitchell were in "For Want of a Boot" and "Operation Noselift" and marks the first credited appearance in M*A*S*H of actress Patricia Stevens who would go on to play many other nurse roles in later episodes. The last Nurse Mitchell appeared in "George" played by veteran recurring cast member Bobbie Mitchell in the sixth of her many nurse characters.

About Nurse Mitchell[]

Hawkeye and Mitchell in the Swamp - merely going over each other's medical profiles in "Kim".

In "Kim", Mitchell, played by Lesley Evans is first seen watching a movie with Hawkeye and Kim. Later in the episode she is in the Swamp kissing Hawkeye and worrying about whether Trapper is really asleep. As she is leaving, Hawkeye reminds her not to forget her dog-tags, saying, ""35591715 - even your number is pretty." They make arrangements to meet again that night - Hawkeye reassures Mitchell that he is sure Trapper will be asleep again. Before she can leave, they are interrupted by Father Mulcahy. Mitchell is embarrassed but Hawkeye explains that they are merely going over each other's medical profiles.

Mitchell with Henry "For Want of a Boot".

The next Nurse Mitchell, this time played by Patricia Stevens (and not necessarily the same character) shows up 11 episodes later in "For Want of a Boot" where she is sitting with Henry at Frank's surprise birthday party. She observes that Margaret seems in good spirits. Henry agrees and says she will be "one peroxide pussycat from now on." He invites Mitchell to his tent later. "You're married, aren't you?" she asked. "Well, that's all right. So's my wife," Henry replies.

Mitchell assists in the operation on Private Danny Baker in "Operation Noselift".

The same Mitchell is seen again in the next episode, "Operation Noselift" where she is assisting Hawkeye, Trapper and "Stosh" Robbins with the plastic surgery on Private Danny Baker. Hawkeye tells Mitchell to cover all the windows and doors in the O.R. and make sure nobody comes in when they begin the operation. Later, Hawkeye tells Danny to take off his clothes, Danny is surprised and says, "For a nose job?" Mitchell quips, "They say that to everybody."

Hawkeye painting Mitchell's toenails in "George". Radar is fascinated.

Four episodes later, in "George", the last Mitchell to appear is played by Bobbie Mitchell and Patricia Stevens has become Nurse Stevens. Hawkeye is painting Mitchell's toenails. He observes that he is glad she is not married because he does not see a ring on her toes. Radar comes along and asks if he can watch. Hawkeye offers to paint his toes as well but says he will have to charge extra for twelve. When they are done, Hawkeye asks Mitchell if she is free as he would like to take her toes out to dinner. But she has a date with Trapper.