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Lieutenant Nancy Griffin was a nurse who appeared in three season 1 episodes of the M*A*S*H TV series. The part of Lieutenant Griffin was played by actress Lynette Mettey (credited as Lynnette Metey). Lynette Mettey would go on to play the part of other nurses in later episodes.

About Lieutenant Griffin[]

Lieutenant Nancy Griffin first appears in "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet" where she is on a date with Hawkeye. Hawkeye tries to impress her by producing olives for her martini. She says there are no olives in Korea but he says he has a whole jar of them, "from China". The date is however interrupted by Trapper who comes to tell them that Frank has injured his back. On another day, she is on a date with Hawkeye again and this time they are interrupted by Margaret who comes to tell them that Frank is in pain. Hawkeye departs to deal with that and comes back to the date but they are interrupted again by Radar who comes to report that there is a fight in Post-Op.

In "Sticky Wicket", Nancy is on duty in Post-Op where she tells Hawkeye that his patient, Private Thompson, is not doing well. Hawkeye gives her some instructions for the patient but remains worried. He spends the night in the bed next to the patient. The next morning, Trapper comes to wake Hawkeye. Nancy is still on duty and gives Hawkeye an update which shows there has been no improvement.

In "Ceasefire" the character is billed simply as "Nancy". She is with Hawkeye watching the camp celebrate news of the ceasefire when Radar comes up to ask Hawkeye to sign his scrapbook. Later Hawkeye dumps her (and two other nurses) by telling her that he is married with children. Hawkeye says, "I'm sure gonna miss you when I get back." She replies, "Oh, well, you don't have to wait till then."

The next time Lynette Mettey appears would be in Season 2 "Carry on Hawkeye" where she is billed as Lieutenant Sheila Anderson. We can assume this is a totally different character as Nancy would not have wanted to carry on with Hawkeye after his deception.

Nancy discussing a patient with Hawkeye in "Sticky Wicket".

Nancy with Hawkeye in "Ceasefire".