Welcome to the M*A*S*H wiki! Here are some suggestions of things you can do to help make this one of the best online resources about one of the greatest shows in history.

  • Start new articles
    • There are lots of red links especially for character and actor pages which haven't been created yet.
    • Start with short articles if you don't have time to flesh it out: someone else will come along and add to it.
    • Don't worry too much about formatting: this wiki is still growing. At this stage, content is king! Someone else will come along and format it if you don't know how.
  • Add images
    • Lots of articles still do not have images.
  • Episode summaries
    • Some episode summaries are brief and could use some fleshing out
    • Cast lists: add the names of uncredited actors/actresses which you have spotted in the episode. Do this soon after you spot them, before you forget!
    • Trivia: wikipedia frowns on trivia but not here. Part of the fun of M*A*S*H is the exhaustive research which fans do on each episode. Is there a baseball game going on in the background? Does Potter have a new table lamp? Is there a farmer pushing a plow through the camp? Add these observations in the Research notes/Fun facts section of each episode article.
  • Remove red links
    • Some older articles have a lot of red links to keywords which aren't really necessary to a wiki dedicated to M*A*S*H. Go ahead and remove them.
  • Research Topics
    • Are you the type of person who likes to compile lists of goofs or continuity errors? Or the type of bathrobes Margaret is using? Start an article under the M*A*S*H research topics category or add to an existing article.
    • Add a bit as you go along. Most research articles are ongoing projects where people add a fresh entry from time to time when they spot something new while watching a MASH episode for the 10th time!