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Trapper John, M.D.* Season 3
"Trapper John, M.D. - Season Three"
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Season: Season 3
Country/Language United States
Original Run:
First episode: October 4, 1981
Final episode: May 16, 1982
Number of episodes 25
Created by: Richard Hooker
Executive producer(s): Don Brinkley (executive producer)
Frank Glicksman (executive producer)
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Season 3 of Trapper John, M.D. consisted of a total of 25 episodes which was originally broadcasted on CBS-TV from its debut with the airing of the "That Old Gang of Mine" episode on October 4, 1981 to the season finale episode, "The One amd Only" on May 16, 1982.

Season 3: 1981–82[]

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
43 1 "That Old Gang of Mine" Bob Sweeney Jack Guss October 4, 1981 Z-521
Gonzo is finally ready to settle down and get married, and his friends are planning a big bachelor party. Everything seems to be perfect, until the husband of the bride-to-be appears on the scene.
44 2 "C.O.D." Joseph Pevney Betty Goldberg & Phil Alden Robinson October 11, 1981 z-522
A couple desperate for a child adopts a black-market baby, only to discover that the infant is addicted to heroin and has a heart condition. Stanley recruits Trapper and Gonzo to join him in a relay race against Bay General.
43 3 "Give 'Till It Hurts" Barry Crane Eric Edson October 18, 1981 Z-523
Gloria's brother Brian flies in from Texas for a visit. He manages to turn Gloria's life upside down. As a result of his drinking problem, her work at the hospital suffers and she is given an official warning. Meanwhile, a patient is trying to set Trapper up with her daughter.
44 4 "Hate Is Enough" Bernard McEveety Don Brinkley October 25, 1981 1-M01
A man is brought in who claims to be writing a book on the KKK. Later someone comes and sees him and threatens him. When Gonzo tries to talk to him about what he said, he denies it. Later Gonzo finds in his things that he's telling the truth and that one of the hospital's brilliant doctors is the head.
45 5 "The Ego Experience" Richard A. Colla Jeff Stuart (story) & James Fritzhand (teleplay/story) November 8, 1981 1-M02
The leader of a pop-psychology programme becomes a patient at the hospital, resulting in threats against his and Gonzo's lives.
46 6 "Cooperative Care" Joseph Pevney Jeff Stuart (teleplay/story) & Kenneth Berg (story) November 15, 1981 Z-519
San Francisco Memorial Hospital is endeavouring to put into place a co-operative care program, due to Arnold Slocomb and the Board of Directors' budget cuts. Mrs Fitch and her niece, Liza, are the perfect candidates, if Mrs. Fitch would only accept Liza's help.
47 7 "Is There a Doctor in the Big House?" Bernard McEveety Sanford Minton November 29, 1981 1-M03
A female prisoner gives birth to a premature baby, who is rushed to SFM for care. The mother, upset at not being allowed to be with her child, beats the prison warden who refused to arrange for her to be taken to the hospital.
48 8 "Mother's Day"
(Alternate title: "Mother's Dearest)
Alex March Teleplay by: Deborah Zoe Dawson & Victoria Johns
Story by: Milt Rosen
December 6, 1981 1-M05
A con artist, working for Dr. Riverside as his nanny, attempts to pass off her partner-in-crime as his mother.
49 9 "'Tis the Season" Michael Caffey John Whelpley December 20, 1981 1-M04
A street-corner Santa Claus (Ray Walston) worries more about a sick boy than his own ill health.
50 10 "Future Imperfect" Vincent Sherman Charles Larson December 27, 1981 1-M06
A surgeon and friend of Trapper comes to operate on someone he knows. But he's experiencing having visions of actual things. He is told that because of head trauma he sustained, he has gained a sixth sense which he doesn't believe in. And it also causes tension between him and his wife, and she turns to Gonzo whom she knows for solace.
51 11 "42" Michael Caffey Marc Sirinsky & Betty Goldberg Januuary 3, 1982 1-M07
A young man (Lance Kerwin) admitted to the hospital following an accident informs the staff that his name is "42" and that he is an alien who is stranded on Earth. While building a transmitter to contact his home planet, 42 befriends a sick and lonely woman.
52 12 "Victims" Bernard McEveety Jim Rogers January 10, 1982 1-M08
Trapper buys himself a gun after being robbed but he later has second thoughts.
53 13 "Angel of Mercy" Leo Penn Jeffrey Ferro January 17, 1982 1-M09
Someone is killing terminally ill patients at San Francisco Memorial, and it appears to be an inside job. A young woman with chronic pain is learning how to deal with it, but maybe not soon enough.
54 14 "Danny" Bernard McEveety Jeffrey Ferro January 24, 1982 1-M10
A mentally disabled man who works at the hospital is able to make friends with a crotchety old hermit who is dying of cancer, but gets embarrassed and quits his job when he misinterprets Gloria's feelings for him.
55 15 "Ladies in Waiting" Barry Crane Jack V. Fogarty January 31, 1982 1-M11
A woman who devotes her life to getting teenage hookers off the street is badly beaten by a pimp. Gonzo's disgust at their apparent disinterest convinces the girls to get revenge on the attacker, while having two prostitutes show up at his house seriously hampers Trapper's love life.
56 16 "The Peter Pan Syndrome" Seymour Robbie Annie Carolie Schuler February 7, 1981 1-M12
The mother of a 16-year-old boy with a gland disorder prevents him from having hormone injections that would cure his problem.
57 17 "Medicine Man" Barry Crane John Whelpley February 21, 1982 1-M13
A doctor that comes to SFM with an accident patient is so good that Slocum wants to bring him on staff, but he runs into a problem - the schools that the man claims to have trained at have never heard of him. Jackpot is frustrated by a Jane Doe with a high fever and some unusual symptoms.
58 18 "Maybe Baby" Seymour Robbie Kay Bender March 7, 1982 1-M14
A former lover names Gonzo in a paternity suit after learning she has a serious cardiac condition.
59 19 "Love and Marriage" Bob Sweeney Sharyn Abramhoff March 14, 1982 1-M15
Ernie is engaged to be married, but begins to have second thoughts when her fiancé expects her to take all of the responsibility for the house, his five children and their relationship while he relaxes after work and serves as nothing more than a playmate to his out-of-control kids.
60 20 "Candy Doctor" Jeff Bleckner Richard Morgan March 21, 1982 1-M16
A 74-year-old woman who is admitted with a blocked artery in her leg has another problem - she is hooked on prescription medications. When Trapper and Gonzo discover that her doctor is responsible, and treats all his patients the same way, they plot to drive him out of business.
61 21 "Doctors and Other Strangers" Bob Sweeney Deborah Zoe Dawson & Victoria Johns March 28, 1982 1-M17
Jackpot is put in charge of Emergency Services while Trapper, Gonzo and Stanley attend a medical conference in Mexico. South of the border, Trapper falls in love with another doctor, but they may have too much in common for the romance to last.
62 22 "A Piece of the Action" Bernard McEveety Brad Radnitz April 11, 1982 1-M18
Jackpot convinces several of the staff to invest in a promising young boxer he is managing, but after the fighter kills his opponent in his first professional match he begins to suffer mysterious injuries that may keep him out of the ring permanently.
63 23 "Cause for Concern" Michael Caffey Kay Bender April 18, 1982 1-M20
A rumor that Trapper may be leaving SFM for a hospital in Boston has several other staff considering new positions. After 72 hours on duty and the loss of a patient, Stanley is displaying psychotic symptoms, and ends up in jail.
64 24 "John's Other Life" Earl Bellamy Jerry Ross May 2, 1982 1-M21
A man who needs a bone marrow transplant to survive claims that he has no relatives that can serve as donors. However, Gonzo soon discovers that the truth is a little more complicated: the man is in the Witness Protection Program, and cannot safely have contact with his family. Rue McClanahan guest star.
65 25 "The One and Only" Charles Siebert Jeff Stuart May 16, 1982 1-M22
A flower salesgirl (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who works on the street, wakes up one day at the hospital. The girl is very ill yet refuses to be treated since she considers that doctors are Satan's henchmen. The estranged mother of a cult member has the girl kidnapped from the hospital.