Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone (born July 6, 1946) is an American actor. He gained major attention for starring in the Rocky and Rambo franchises, reprising his famous roles in many sequels over the next several decades.

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Stallone began his career with mostly roles as an extra, and he was an extra in MASH . He can be seen quite briefly after "Hawkeye" comes to the camp. He was a soldier, wearing a beret, and was possibly discovered by Scottish Stallone fan, Peter Anderson. Other films Stallone was in as an extra include Klute, Pigeons, Lovers and Other Strangers, and Downhill Racer.

Stallone also admitted to actor Elliott Gould that he was in the movie - something Stallone rarely does!

EG: [Working on "MASH"] sometimes Bob would get flustered. We were fighting the clock and he has got to do it a certain way by a certain time otherwise you go into golden hours. And I remember the scene in 'MASH' — and it was actually around that scene that Sylvester Stallone, who I’ve only met a couple of times, said he doesn't admit that he was ever an extra in any movie but he admits that he was an extra in 'MASH'. And when I told that to Bob he said, “No. I don’t accept that Sylvester Stallone was in my movie. I don’t accept it.”

["Everyone laughs"] EG: So that day we have a really complicated, delicate crane shot and we’re fighting time for lunch. And, you know, it's all the surgeons are working triple shifts and we’re talking non sequiturs and there was the script and then we go to lunch. We were at the Fox Ranch out in Malibu, and Bob said to me, “Why can’t you be like someone else?” And I had my lunch on a tray. And he pointed to Corey Fischer, you know, and said, “Why can’t you be like him?” Who was a part of The Committee, an improvisational group that Altman hired. And I shook my lunch, I threw it up and I said, “You motherfucker. I’m not gonna stick my neck out for you again. You know and I know where I come from. I know precision, I know repetition. You’ll tell me what you want and that’s what you’ll get.” And he said, “I think I’ve made a mistake.” I said, “I think so.” He said, “I apologize.” I said, “I accept.” And that's when Paul Lewis the production manager for 'Getting Straight' came out to meet with me for the movie which was my next picture. And Tarantino said it's a part of his library. He's got 'Getting Straight' there.

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